Our Team

Lee Francis

“The Ideas man”

Lee Francis has been in event production and concept creation for over 20 years.

Lee started his career at A1 presentations, before moving to Quadrant Visual Solutions before rapidly moving up the ranks to running the Birmingham branch and heading up their events business. After 9 years at Quadrant, lee decide to start up Maddison Media Limited in 2006. Lee provides all the conceptual ideas that the team successfully implement.

Jacob Russon

“Illustration, Graphics & Bringing Things To Life”

Jacob Russon is our contemporary creative artworker. Jack studied illustration at university college Falmouth. There, he absorbed inspiration from other creatives working in printmaking, graphics, animation and life drawing.  

He interned at Papermate publishing ltd where he developed children's books such as “Finding the Tweet” - Written by James Thomas.  

Aiden Vauls

“Head of Theming, Bespoke Services and the Wow factor”

Aiden Vauls, the man who makes sure everything gets done right and on time with as little fuss as possible! 

In charge of a brigade of workshop technicians that can rise to more than 30 at times, he has responsibility for production, logistics, deliveries and ensuring the right specialists are assigned to each job.

Glenda Francis

“Operations, Logistics and keeping us all in check”

Just like the title says, Glenda makes sure we are do what have have to do when we have to do it. Attention to detail is her strong point, and that shines through in the quality of her thing she does.

Maddison Media doesn’t function without her!

Daniel Gibbs

“Q - The man with the Tech”

Audiences from 5-15000 have enjoyed the results of Daniel's skills in the lighting, audio and video field for over 12 years. When it comes to extra special effects - if Daniel doesn't know about it, it's not worth knowing. 

Dan Ridd

“Brains. The Go To Guy”

Dan Ridd:  With over 16 years experience in the events industry, Dan holds a wealth of expertise in the audio visual field.  Boasting an impressive array of achievements and producing the most fantastic shows.