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Event Management

Project & Event


At Maddison Media, we're good at asking the right questions, interpreting the answers and producing the right results that lead to your event solution.


We understand the burden that organising and implementing an event can place on you and your organisation. Months of planning and project management can drain valuable time and resources from your business. By working with our enthusiastic team here at Maddison Media, you’ll benefit from our creativity, professionalism and experience, ensuring each element of your event is a success.


Our innovative production team work closely with clients to clearly define the key event message. This ensures that each element is produced inline with the original concept and delivered to meet requirements and exceed expectations.


We work with great people and have forged strong partnerships with our clients over the years. By offering a bespoke service that delivers results time and time again we continue to grow and innovate, finding new ways to do old tricks!


Some of the Event management services we can provide are:

  • Selecting and reserving venues

  • Liaising with external suppliers

  • Engaging speakers or entertainment

  • Arranging for transportation and parking

  • Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance

  • Compliance with health and safety standards

  • Developing emergency contingency plans

  • Crisis and situation management at the event

  • Designing a security plan

  • Monitoring the event

Audio Production Servies

Audio Production Services

Maddison Media has a simple Approach to creating spectacular events as we are one of the UK's leading lighting, sound and audio-visual production companies.

We also provide lighting and sound design, venue installation, equipment hire, and more.

From simply organising conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners and product launches we can provide you with as much or as little as you need. We work closely with our clients to understand their story, goals and requirements. With a clear focus on the client’s message, we then create the right impression to ensure an unprecedented impact is achieved. 

At Maddison Media we specialise in the big ideas without the big attitude or the big fee. We pride ourselves on our creativity and enjoy the most unusual challenges. Our passion, excitement and enthusiasm are evident in each and every project we undertake.

Audio Visual Hire & Set Design

Audio Visual Hire & Set Design

We’re about much more than event design, lighting, staging and production, we produce experiences that bring brand messages to life, and provide real impact for organisations.

Our team specialises in delivering your event, with specialists in planning and production we will take your vision from the initial planning stages and see it through to a successful completion.

We combine our extensive technical services of sound, visual, lighting, staging, set design along with graphics and presentation management, so when we say we offer a one stop shop for all of our clients, we mean it.


We always assign each client an experienced account manager as one point of contact who will oversee the complete delivery of your event and work with you, every step of the way.

Meet Lee Francis

The man behind Maddison Media

The company was started by Lee Francis, an event producer & director with over 30 years live event, and creative design experience.


Lee has held numerous management positions and held 2 directorships within his career.

After many years experiencing the moving trends and needs of the clients, he decided that our industry needed to shift our focus from assuming our client wants, to working closely and listening to our clients needs. This is bourne out in our  passion, excitement and enthusiasm is evident in each and every project we undertake.

So, after the birth of his Daughter Maddison in the autum of 2005, the company Maddison Media Limited was born in January 2006.


Since 2006 we have been widely known for our dedication, passion and diverse skills towards every project managed. We have over 30 years' experience within the conference and hospitality environment, so our team has the confidence and the knowledge to make every event a success.


Priding ourselves on the standard of our work, commitment to each project handled and the way we deliver it. Maddison Media is always seeking out new ways to do old things and using our imagination to create something completely different. Our goal is simply to always be professional, adaptable and deliver your event with unparalleled impact.


Themed Events & Entertainment


Superb ideas stem from a solid understanding of the clients needs. So from the very beginning we seek to understand your objectives, requirements and vision. The experience of our team ensures that you receive the best advice, proposal and outcome for your event.



With a clear understanding of the client’s goals, we create a bespoke event that delivers on each and every requirement with unprecedented impact. Not only will the end result surpass expectation it oozes the correct impression and brand vibe for the event's intention.



We enjoy forging longstanding relationships with our clients, big and small and from a variety of sectors. From conferences, to gala dinners, we've worked within the healthcare sector, fitness industry and retail sector to name just a few. We specialise in big ideas without the big attitude or the big fee - So get in touch today!

Themed Events & Entertainment

Creative Design & Media

Superb ideas stem from a solid understanding of the clients needs. So from the very beginning we seek to understand your objectives, requirements and vision. The experience of our team ensures that you receive the best advice, proposal and outcome for your event.

Our Creative team of designers and editors will ensure your message is communicated with maximum visual impact and in a uniquely delivered way.

With a clear understanding of the client’s goals, we create a bespoke event that delivers on each and every requirement with unprecedented impact. Not only will the end result surpass expectation it oozes the correct impression and brand vibe for the event's intention

Creative Design & Media

Bespoke Online & Hybrid Event Solutions

Virtual events are events held online that involve people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are multi-session online events that feature webinars and webcasts amongst a host of other content tools. 

Enhance your company’s live event by offering online access to the event: missed or overlapping sessions can be attended online, materials and presentations can be accessed by attendees up to a year after the event, attendees can search and network with other attendees sharing common interests or pre-screen vendor or company online booths to decide which ones to visit in person. 

A hybrid meeting refers to the physical location of participants. In a hybrid meeting, a subset of the people attending the meeting is located together in the same place. Other participants join the meeting by conference call or web conference.

Those who want to meet in-person can join you and those that can’t are still able to interact virtually. Because of their flexibility hybrid meetings are becoming increasingly popular. The key benefit is that you can invite participants to join you virtually or in person maximising attendance.

Keep your audiences engaged and maximise attendance with a Hybrid meeting package. Maddison Media offers various hybrid meetings packages that bring together physical and virtual audiences into one live collaborative experience. 

Bespke Online & Hybrid Event Solution
Custom Interactive Streaming Platform

Custom Interactive Streaming Platform

Our secure branded microsite is the ideal platform to host your

virtual event. We can integrate your presentation content and

stream out both live and pre-recorded content. We capture your

event footage and make this available to you on-demand post event.

The branded steaming site will include an event agenda, Q&A, key

event info and a message wall. Everything you need is in one place.

Key features

• Ultra-Secure: With passwords, whitelisting and 2-factor

authentication available

• Event Agenda: Interactive agenda with customisable buttons

• Q&A: Keep your audience involved by inviting them to ask

questions throughout – these can be pre-moderated

• Speaker Bios: Add images and info about your speakers for

your guests to read pre-event

• Event Info: Upload key event materials such as PDFs,

PowerPoint and videos for your audience to view at their


• Networking: A suite of networking options including live chat,

video chat and private 1-2-1 messaging

• Notes: A private area for your guests to jot down notes, ready

to download into a Word document at the end of the event

Venue Sourcing & Logistical Support

Time is precious and searching for accommodation and meeting or event space can be a very long and arduous process. Let us help you!

After just a short initial brief from you, we’ll be back really quickly, with a tailored proposal of good quality options within your budget range.


Best of all, working on a commission basis from venues across the UK – and beyond - means that straightforward venue finding is completely free to Maddison Media clients.


Whether you’re rewarding a team or individuals for success, or networking with valued clients and suppliers, we can come up with a programme that perfectly suits the occasion. Established relationships with a massive range of suppliers means we can offer fantastic deals for any kind of budget, with ideas and options you never thought possible


This is achieved working with our Venue & Logistics partner company Conference Solutions Limited, with a relationship that spans over 20 years, and has been part of the company since its inception and integral part of our rapid growth.


Company directors Maggie and Amy Jo have combined experience of over 45 years in the industry, so between them, there’s almost nothing they don’t know, can’t do or haven’t done.

Their results speak for themselves which is the reason we make such a strong team!

Venue Sourcing
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